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Imad Naffa

Imad QR Code URLYou have arrived at the premier site for building codes information and related resources, better known as "The World of Building Codes". Our site and the numerous code offerings will help launch you on a learning experience for anything and everything dealing with the building, fire, accessibility and construction codes.

The Building Code Discussions Group (BCDG), a "Premium Membership" Online Community and one of our better-known offerings, was started in the mid nineteen nineties, right here from good ol' Fresno, CA, (36.5N, 119.48W). For Building Code and related discussions and training there is no equal to the BCDG. Learn more about the BCDG from the FAQ.

As architects, engineers and building code specialists dealing with building and fire codes on daily basis, we saw the need for a national forum between designers, code officials, builders, construction industry, educators/students and anyone that came in contact with the codes and construction.

The forum had a vision of being dynamic, different than anything else out there, and it had to relate to topics that are current and facing each one of us in the business of building, designing and checking. We realized early on the need for quality and fast code discussions and interpretations---and you proved us right. With the help and hard work of a dedicated core group of individuals, our panelists and regular contributors, the forum took off. As of August 1, 2009, the BCDG transitioned into a paid 'Premium Membership" forum.

The BCDG has evolved into a powerful "Premium Membership" Online Community of individuals from 100+ countries discussing, collaborating, educating and interpreting the codes, construction practices and related topics. Hundred's of Q&A are posted every day. Every topic dealing with building, fire and construction codes is fair game here. International, Legacy and NFPA codes are our topics of daily discussion. New members join from all parts of the world looking for building code related information and resources. The discussions are intriguing, current and continuously updated.

The searchable data of Q&A accumulated in the BCDG is a great resource for builders, code officials and designers. The speed by which the questions are answered is second to none! The reviews and feedback we receive have been nothing short of tremendous! Take a look.

As president and founder of NAFFA International,, a private building code consulting firm in Fresno, CA. that delivers services throughout the Western USA and Internationally, I am committed to the building code education and the smart use of technology in the building code, design and construction fields. I am a graduate from Bishop's High School in Amman, Jordan, and a Civil Engineering graduate from California State University at Fresno.

NAFFA International provides services nationally to governmental agencies, builders and applicants involved in the construction and building permit process. Our company specializes in review for compliance with the International Building Codes, State-adopted Codes, NFPA Standards, ADA and ADAAG, California Certified Accessibility Specialist (CASp), Oregon's Specialty Codes, Structural Analysis, Un reinforced Masonry Buildings Retrofit, Uniform Fire Code and Fire Suppression Systems and overall building permitting processes, procedures and automation.

NAFFA spearheaded the development of the NCSBCS-award-winning CodeBuddy® suite of building code/construction programs. The software is used nationwide by designers, builders, code enforcement officials and homeowners.

Please remember...this site and its numerous resources were developed by humans and since currently none of us is perfect, you may encounter few errors. You can be assured that we work hard to produce the finest building code related products and resources with fewest errors. If you discover an error of any type on this site (typo, grammar or technical), no matter how insignificant, please let us know.

It's my privilege to be your host on this unique portal.

Regards, Imad


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