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The NAFFA Advantage
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NAFFA International (NAFFA), provides consulting services to the fast-paced, ever-changing and demanding construction, design and code enforcement communities. We act expeditiously and provide customized services on projects presented to us for plan review and code analysis. Here are some of the advantages you have when teaming with NAFFA:

  • Experience: Many years of intensive learning and refining of our skills, cross-training, reviewing, inspecting, developing, collaborating and cutting-edge use of technology. Numerous projects, structures and every conceivable occupancy are reviewed and analyzed by our staff.

  • Qualifications and reach: In our industry and field of expertise, NAFFA's experience with complex, phased and fast-track projects sets the trend. We chart new territories daily by our fair and practical interpretations of the codes, web-solutions and efficient building codes research.

    Our unique and extensive web-based resources, technical databases and instant nationwide-access to experts in numerous code-related fields; enables us to research, consult and arrive at solutions for complex and unique code situations- accurately and faster than any other entity that deals with building codes.

  • Customer service and support: We thrive on consistently helping and training individuals as they venture through the design, permit and construction phases of a project. We understand the implications of providing fast services to our clients and their applicants. We provide unmatched customer support every step of the way. We act quickly to meet deadlines, deal expeditiously, fairly and effectively with errors made and routinely accommodate tight time schedules for fast-track projects.

  • Time and money factors: We clearly understand the implications, pressures and economics of providing fast and professional services. We monitor and adhere to established average turn around time frames; and our company CEO, plan check engineers and support staff are always accessible to our clients and applicants.

  • Communication: It's a known fact that clients and applicants desire continuous flow of information about their projects as they venture through the permitting process. NAFFA excels in meeting and exceeding this goal. We provide our clients and their applicants with toll-free numbers, web tracking databases, and use cutting-edge solutions to enhance efficiency and delivery of services.
  • We developed building codes lookup software that is used nationally, CodeBuddy®. In addition, we administer one of the largest and respected online building code communities, the "'Building Code Discussions Group (BCDG)". Databases to track projects were developed and made available over the internet, 24/7. We continue to develop tools and solutions to better communicate with our clients and their customers.

  • Trust: The bottom line is that in any business relationship, we need someone to trust and consistently rely on for support, advice and second opinions. Plan check and building code services can be tedious and complex, but are no different! Daily, we dispense with advice and recommendations to our clients and their applicants. Their reliance on our experience, creative solutions to challenging questions, advice and recommendations is of the greatest importance and never taken for granted by anyone at NAFFA.

    We value the trust bestowed upon us by our clients and their applicants, many of whom we have known and worked closely with for decades. They are our most valued testimonials.

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