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NAFFA International (NAFFA) Building

NAFFA International (NAFFA) is a technology-driven engineering firm specializing in Engineering, Building and Fire Codes Plan Check, Life Safety Reviews, and development of web-enabled solutions for the built environment. We live, breath and work daily with building and fire codes. For anything to do with building code review and support services.....WE ARE YOUR COMPANY!

Information and resources about the codes and the building permitting process intrigue us and keep us looking for better and more efficient ways of communicating in this exciting business. We developed numerous solutions that we share freely with interested parties via our many web-based venues.

Who uses our services?

  • Anyone seeking a FIRST CLASS experience in plan review, plan check, third-party review and building code support services.
  • Local Jurisdictions (cities, counties and permit-issuing entities): To tap into our extensive experience and provide "as-needed" expedited plan check services and access to our building code support services. Use of the numerous building code-related online resources that NAFFA developed.
  • Architects, Consultants and Designers: Building code support services for any building, structure or occupancy. Evaluation of code-complying solutions. Access to numerous online code-related resources developed by NAFFA.
  • Builders, Developers, Real Estate Brokers and Applicants: Expedited building code reviews for any project submitted for a building permit (saving time and money). Building code reviews and pre-permit reviews to avoid costly code violations and delays that may surface during the local jurisdiction review process or field inspections.
  • Homeowners and Building Permit Applicants: Use of the numerous online resources provided by NAFFA for FREE (web-based building code lookup programs, checklists, how-to's, building code discussions and much more).
Our expertise lie in the following fields:
  • Comprehensive fire and life-safety consultancy; engineering improvements review, evaluation, training, support and complete plan review services to governmental agencies. Here is a complete list of solutions that we offer.
  • Third-party approved by numerous local jurisdictions for building code consultancy and outside plan check services.
  • Expedited and phased submittal reviewers of complex projects under time constraints.
  • California Certified Access Specialist (CASp) plan reviews, training and consultations.
  • Developing solutions for building codes information lookup and web-enabled resources for the building code enforcement communities and their applicants.

NAFFA International consists of a team of talented individuals assembled to provide exceptional building code services coupled with unmatched customer support.

Given NAFFA's background and special skills; local governments and their applicants will receive cutting-edge delivery of services. Realizing that clients and applicants need continuous and instant access to information, NAFFA developed online databases, available 24/7, to check the status of projects, access to up-to-date technical resources that allow constant communication with NAFFA's staff.

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