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THE BCDG .... is a powerful Online Community available to "Premium Members" that can access all the features afforded by the BCDG. The BCDG forums are available free for read-only access (registration is required). Another solution by Imad Naffa since 1995. One of the largest, most-active, professional International Building Code Discussions Group on the World Wide Web. A platform for personal safety, building, fire, MPE, accessibility/ADA code discussions and technical opinions. Over 24 forums make up the BCDG that cover all building code topics and disciplines.

Explaining, educating, interpreting and deciphering the complex building codes for the masses (novices and experts alike) is the goal here! If you build, design, inspect, engineer, repair, plan check, review, in a construction or design training program or deal with the building permit process- this is your place. International storehouse for building code discussions & resources, CASp and SB 1608, accessibility, ADA, emerging technologies & online collaboration. National participants/experts. The #1 searchable source for building/construction, technical support & building/fire codes learning.

Home for numerous "code gurus" and building code experts from throughout the US. The BCDG is the platform that facilitates interaction between hundreds of code experts, specialists and participants seeking information, interpretations, second opinions and training from 100+ countries. Thousands of searchable Q&A's. Updated daily. Professionally maintained.

Participate in the latest code discussions taking place on the BCDG..

  • This site is invaluable! Thanks for giving us a place to discuss our situations. Keep up the great forum!
    Johnathan R. Hurst, C.B.O., Building Official, City of Arroyo Grande

  • This forum (the BCDG) is priceless. I like hearing all the different opinions. Because from those, I can make more informed decisions.
    Brent Wiese, Architect, San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Holy Cow! Great crowd. I've got a couple of more questions ready to post, can't wait for the response. What a great forum, I've enjoyed every part of it. Thanks
    Tom Shiozaki, Architect, San Francisco, CA

  • BRAVO! You've done it yet again!!!!
    New site looks great, sharper, clearer, and quite attractive. I enjoy being able to access this site, and using it, and participating in it.
    Truly, Imad, you are providing a needed, valuable and incredibly helpful and informative service. Great Kudos to You!! Keep up the good work.
    Ralph Liebing, Architect, Ohio

  • This has the possibility of being "THE" industry source for building code data! THE PLACE to ask building code questions. David L Lewis, Clayco Construction.

  • It was great to see such positive responses about the Building Codes web site (BCDG). In my work as an ADA consultant, I find the give and take of the discussions to be very, very useful.

  • Imad,
    I am really impressed by the quality of responses to the queries. As a professional engineer and an expert witness in this area for over 40 years, I have rarely seen a service that gives real advice. Best building code questions and answers.Period! Keep up the good work.
    Charles E. Turnbow, J.D. P.E.

  • Just wanted to let you know that I really like this method of presenting the discussion on a particular code question (showing the questions and then all of the comments and opinions in one e-mail). Going to your website and looking at all of the items and other discussions is great also but this method saves me time. I can also print out the e-mail and have all of the individual comments and opinions in one concise format. Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Dan Fagan, City of Escondido, CA

  • I find the group to be professional and responsive. No doubt the structure of it helps. Over the months I have visited several regarding the code. The two AIA sites have not been useful and I have stopped using them. I use the ICBO one dedicated to the IBC but there is not much going on there. I gave up on the sprinkler site too. Anyway, congratulations and keep up the good work.
    Terry Patterson, AIA, Professor- OSU

  • I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a code forum where you can ask questions, get answers, and discuss these issues.  Thank you for this forum!
    Ellie Ross, University of California System

  • This forum is by far the best overall building code related forum on the net dealing with national (and international) code enforcement topics. I have visited a number of other forums over the past few years and none of them compares to this one. I think Imad deserves a lot of credit!
    Jack L Speelman, CBO, Senior Plans Examiner City of Sparks, NV

  • I think the BCDG is the best site going! ICBO gives great support but neither BOCA or SBCCI seem to be supportive. Idea is to get ICBO, BOCA & SBCCI to use this site as the point to answer questions. ICBO has good site but SBCCI & BOCA have poor chat sites and are hard to access. With the coming of IBC & IRC, a central site like this one is needed. Keep up the good work!
    Louis A Marks, Jr., New Port News, VA

  • I do enjoy this discussion group rather than some of the other "same old dry" code quotes without any explanations. Thanks.
    Jay Peters, Construction Data's Construction Seminars

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