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NAFFA International (NAFFA) is a family of talented individuals assembled to provide exceptional engineering building code services that are technologically-leveraged and customer friendly.

NAFFA' s staff and support professionals are licensed Architects, Engineers, Certified Plans Examiners and Building Officials, Building/Fire Inspectors, Building Code Educators and Developers of Building Code lookup software and online resources.

NAFFA's staff experience include review and analysis for 1000's of projects ranging from single family dwellings to the very complex and hazardous structures and occupancies. Over the years, the NAFFA team developed special skills and tools to deal with complex reviews under time constraints. Our staff's well-rounded experience include assignments in private, governmental, construction, design, plan check and field inspection.

Bringing international professionals together with various expertise culminated in the development of the Building Code Discussions Group (BCDG).

The BCDG is a Powerful Online Community for building codes, life-safety, construction and related Q&A with a membership of 22,000+. NAFFA, along with a group of technical experts and professionals, dispense opinions and help end users (experts and novices alike) through the building codes and permitting maze of information.

NAFFA's accomplishments include development of NCSBCS-award-winning CodeBuddy™ programs (the popular graphical building codes and accessibility look up software), and numerous code-related specialty programs and online tools.

NAFFA's extensive use of technology, ability to plainly explain and analyze complex engineering and code topics to customers and clients; provides everyone involved with an invaluable single-source of building codes information.

Imad Naffa is the founder and president of NAFFA International. Naffa specializes in the areas of building, fire and life-safety code review, building code software development; technical training and building permitting solutions. Imad started his professional career in the early eighties and has multi-discipline experience in building and structures analysis, plan review and has served a number of assignments as a technical instructor in life-safety and structural plan review.

Imad is a graduate from Bishop's High School in Amman, Jordan, and a B.S. graduate in Civil Engineering from California State University at Fresno. He is a registered Civil Engineer in a number of states and holds certifications in a dozen code-related fields. In November 2000, Imad became the recipient of NCSBCS national award "Streamlining the Nation's Building Regulations" for the development of CodeBuddy™ building codes lookup software.


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