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Welcome friends! 欢迎朋友 مرحبا स्वागत है दोस्तों Bienvenida!

I'm a Civil Engineer and Building Code Consultant at NAFFA International, Inc. (NAFFA) in Fresno, CA., USA. My specialty is Plan Review (Plan Check) for Building and Fire Codes; Technical Training and providing Online Content and Resources for the Building Codes (Life-Safety, Fire, Structural, M-P-E, Energy Conservation, Accessibility, ADA, ADAAG, CASp, FHA, LEED, CALGreen, OSHPD-3 and Hazardous Occupancies)

Beyond the consulting business, my passion is providing resources and tools to empower others to learn about the building codes, deciphering complex code topics and connecting experts and end-users (architects, engineers, consultants, builders, code officials) worldwide that are interested in building codes, accessibility, construction, design, housing, code enforcement, complex occupancies review and related topics.

I have over 25 years experience in review for Building and Fire Codes, Codes Development and designing of creative web-based tools for training and developed award-winning software related to the building codes, CodeBuddy.

Additionally, via Social Media, I report on topics of interest- World Affairs, Economies and Stats of the World, Cultural Topics, the Central Valley, CA. (where I live), Financial News, Up-and-Coming Technologies, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and FaceBook, Social Media, Leed, Green, Clean Tech., Solar, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, QR Codes and AEC Industry-related topics.

I'm intrigued by the people, countries and cultures of China, India and the rest of the BRIC; along with the Middle East and MENA region and fascinated by the people in general and their unique backgrounds and stories. One of my mottos is "Normal People Worry Me"! I'm big fan of Social Media, especially Twitter and Google+, and realize its impact and importance now and in the future.

I'm a Tedx speaker on topics dealing with social media and global information exchange.

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