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NCSBCS Letter to Imad

James Hanna, NCSBCS President

  • CodeBuddy ® nationally recognized by NCSBCS.
  • CodeBuddy software selected as Model 99-7 by NCSBCS in their " Streamlining The Nation's Building Regulatory Process". Read more about it.

"Thank you for the use of the software, CodeBuddy™ Version 2.0. The software provides quick access to Uniform Building Code requirements for Occupancy R buildings. Its summaries and illustrations helped my understanding of those sections of the UBC. I also appreciate this company's sponsorship of the internet "Building Code Discussion Group" ( where I was able to get code questions answered and where numerous discussions of code related topics were available for my review."

Terry Patterson, Architectural Professor, University of Oklahoma
"Illustrated 2000 Building Code Handbook" developer, McGraw-Hill- publisher

"At the McCain Institutes, a vocational school teaching estimating and construction management, the UBC is a very important part of the curriculum. We have included the CodeBuddy software as part of our codes study. We have eliminated entirely our previous workbooks for UBC and are using the CodeBuddy software in the Architectural training/CAD Design, as codes pertaining to Residential Design required Electrical NEC, Mechanical for UMC, Plumbing the UPC.

In the past we used the code books with workbooks for each, as there is just portions of these codes relevant, not to mention the UBC splitting into more than one volume. CodeBuddy has saved us hundreds of dollars and todate allowed our students the ease of accessing the area of need instantly with the index. I can't express my thanks near enough, as I have been teaching the Building Codes since 1976, I have never had a tool for codes this good. If you design, as my graduates work for those who do, CodeBuddy is as much of a tool to the designer as a Hammer is to the Carpenter. Thank you for designing such an excellent tool."

Neil McCain, Director of McCain Institutes
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526

"I believe that your product is top of the line for inspectors and permit counter technicians as well as contractors."

Steve Kerzan, CBO, Building Official
City of Indianapolis, Indiana

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the development of an excellent new program that is sure to be a great success; CodeBuddy. Since I have received my copy of the program, installed on an 8- station network, we have used it extensively and found both the information contained and method of presentation excellent. CodeBuddy has significantly reduced the amount of time required to search out code-related questions while providing excellent graphics to further clarify the issue in question. You can be sure that I will be recommending CodeBuddy to my associates."

Gaylord E. Ransom, S.E., President
Brooks Ransom Structural Engineers Fresno, CA

"Just took the opportunity to view CodeBuddy and went for a test run. Just what we at Kings County need! I think you guys have come up with a great product. User friendly, excellent graphics. Where is my copy?"

Barry Oost, Building Inspector, Kings County, CA

"Users of computer aided design & drafting have long been in need of an electronic method for code checking & verification. A program running in the background ready to answer code-related questions, rather than opening many books or even leaving your desk. A real time saver. CodeBuddy is well organized and logically nested to insure quick answers to my questions. The side menu is efficient getting me information rather than having to wade through layers of irrelevant data. I look forward to CodeBuddy reaching the marketplace so that I can add to my set of tools for efficient creation of construction documents. Thank you."

Dan McGuire, Custom Homes Building Designer, Madera, CA

"This is very cool! I’m an architecture student and this has been a really great resource for school work and summer projects. Thanks for putting this together."

Erich Bensfam, Architectural Student, via e-mail

"I like it! CodeBuddy seems to be easy to navigate, and quite thorough. I’ll show it to the rest of the office here, and we’ll see how it does in practice."

Jon S. Smith, CFEI, Senior Inspector/BOCA Inspector
Williamsport Bureau of Fire
Williamsport, PA

I was very impressed with your program, it is everything that I would want in code compliance software! I am setting up a consulting firm for Homeowner's doing their own building and remodeling projects. Right now I am working on a business plan and waiting to move to Anchorage and set my company up, sometime next spring. I will be looking forward to using your software. I will also be doing ADA compliance consulting and will be looking to utilize that program as well. Thank You."

Michael W. Duft

"The program was loaded on our front counter computer to provide code-related information to the public and for use by our permit technician. We also loaded CodeBuddy on our inspector's laptops for use in the field. We found that the program provides fast and factual information for the building department personnel and the public. When searching for code questions, not only does the program provide code information at your finger tips, but the sketches presented as clarification and backup information are extremely helpful."

Bob Gorman, Building Official
City of Selma, CA

I have just loaded CodeBuddy. It really is great! I see the possibility of my doing away with one 2 hour video and 4 Audio Tapes along with four workbooks. I will have a meeting in August with my board of directors (Required by the State of Oregon for my CE units) and will incorporate the CodeBuddy software into my curriculum. I will then attempt to include it into a "Must Have" tool for each Student. Hopefully I will be able to sell some for you as I believe it will sell itself.

By the way it is installed on a McCain Institute Computer in Ketchican, and my student is the one that  displayed it to the Engineering firm based in Seattle and Coast Guard   where he will be working. So thank you both, one for the program timely enough that I was able to load in a machine, and the second for your patience in my not loading it immediately here at my office."

Neil McCain, McCain Institute
Grants Pass, OR

"Thank you for returning my call this morning. 'Code Buddy' works great! Would you be interested in knowing how I got it to work on my Macintosh laptop? Given the fact that the man I ordered it from at Northwest Builders (I called first for info.) was using a Macintosh and indicated he wished it worked, there may be a market! Actually, it's a fairly easy process.I'd just like to negotiate some "free" updates for the future and/or access to any work you might do on expanding to commercial code. Let me know..."

Dr. Bill Fox
Visalia, CA

"A Building Official's experience using CodeBuddy!"

Richard Graves, Building Official, Merced County, CA


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