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To familiarize yourself with NAFFA's professional services, here are sample solutions and offerings that are available to you. If your jurisdiction or company is looking for additional customized solutions, please contact us.

Engineering/Building Plan Review and Code Consulting:
  • One-stop solution for ALL your plan review and building code consultation needs for the International and Legacy Building Codes used throughout the US
  • Specialists in customized (complete or partial) pre-permit building, fire and accessibility codes review
  • Fire and life-safety, structural, M-P-E, energy conservation, CALGreen, disabled access/ADA, NFPA Standards, fire suppression and fire alarm systems reviews and consultations
  • Certified Access Specialist (CASp) reviews, consultations and training
  • Reviewers for engineering, onsite improvements, subdivisions, map act and drainage/grading
  • Express plan review and code consultations within 5 days (for projects that must be reviewed within one week)!
  • Specialists in fast-track review and code consultations of complex/hazardous occupancies and national chain projects, such as, Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Petsmart, Savemart; superstores, distribution centers, shopping malls, strip retail centers, industrial plants, cold storage facilities, casinos, entertainment facilities, wrestling arenas, clinics- Dialysis and Surgical (OSHPD 3), residential care facilities, ethanol processing plants, methane gas digesters, firing ranges, co-generation plants, fumigation chambers, electrical substations, mixed-use occupancies and multifamily projects
  • Jails and detention facilities comprehensive plan reviews and code consultation.
  • Mid and high-rise buildings review and code consultations. Special topics review [high-rise full evacuation, fire protection systems, areas of refuge, refuge floors, command center, progressive collapse provisions]
  • Third-party approved plan reviewers (taking the technical and fast turnaround load off the local jurisdiction)
  • Electronic (CAD) documents review
  • Online databases to check plan reviews status, 24/7
Software, Social Media and Web-Enabled Solutions:
  • Developers of 'CodeBuddy®' building code software, a NCSBCS national award-winner
  • Social and Inter Media content providers for building, fire and accessibility codes; Green, Leed, construction and design topics
  • Social media consultants and advisors to the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Assist in education, implementation and effective use of social media platforms for the AEC industry and small businesses.
  • Tedx speakers on social media, cultural, global affairs and AEC-related topics.
  • Links to numerous code-related checklists and downloads
Building Code Discussions and Online Resources:
  • Developers and administrators of the 'Building Code Discussions Group' (BCDG)
  • Largest and most active building, fire and accessibility code discussions on the internet
  • International users and participants from 100+ countries
  • Professionally maintained and updated daily by NAFFA
  • Recipient of national accolades

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