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ADA, Disabled Access & CASp
ADA Access Guidelines
ADA Quick References
CASp & SB1608 resources

Fire code, fire-resistive, chemicals & hazmat
Search for a chemical
MSDS online
Hazardous materials database

Fire Extinguishers info.
3M fire protection- Fire stopping
National refrigerants
UL- info. for regulators
Fire Resistance Design Manual-Gypsum

California, US and World related
California Law- Search
California- State web site
Fresno County
Monterey County
CA Board of Engineers
Bldg. Stds. Commission
State Fire Marshal Interps.
Legislative Information
Contractors Board
Energy Commission (Title 24)
Electronic documents- City of L.A.
#California Counties
#US States by population
#Profile of the world
#World information

Engineering.Com (The Officiandos of Engineering must-visit site)


Structural resources
Amer. Plywood Assoc.
Gravity load paths
Shearwall basics
Span calculator by AWC ( joists & , rafters)
Simpson Strongtie

Structural Engineers Association of California
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Structural Q&A from the BCDG
Seismic Factor (SDC) calculator

Evaluation reports, ES , NER, etc.
ICC Evaluation Reports
International Accreditation Services
UL Directory Search

Construction, codes & valuation
Construction weblinks

Building valuation data
Unit conversion factors
RSMeans® QuickCost Calculator
Construction terms (good to learn what each means)

Electrical resources
NEC Direct
Electrical technical articles
Ampacity Table
Application Chart
Voltage Drop Table
Electrician Calculators
Conduit Fill Calculations
NEC Explanations

US Government
First Gov. Site

Code Discussions & applications
Building code discussions group (BCDG)
Code Authority- UL
World of Building Codes Blog


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