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Founded by Imad Naffa and headquartered in Fresno, CA, [36.5N, 119.48W], NAFFA International is a multi-discipline consulting firm of architects, engineers, ICC certified (Plan Examiners, Inspectors) professionals and building code resource developers specializing in providing building code and engineering review services (plan check) to local governments and their applicants worldwide. Our company specializes in the following diverse arenas related to AEC and Building Codes:

    Complete plan review and support services to local jurisdictions for any project, structure or occupancy, as part of the process of obtaining building permits from local government. NAFFA specializes in pre-permit, fast-track, comprehensive, 3rd party and partial plan reviews and code consultations. In addition, NAFFA provides life-safety, disabled access, CASp and fire code review (building code consulting) services nationwide. See solutions for additional information regarding our services.

    Pre-permit submittal review to discover code violations and arrive at code-complying solutions early on in the design process. Avoid costly and time-consuming code violations before submitting for the official plan check. International Building Code (IBC) and California Building Code (CBC) analysis and consultations. Specialized and tailored building code training for architects and engineers that desire to expand and build on their building code knowledge. Certified Access Specialist (CASp) plan reviews, training and consultations.

    Online resources and educational materials related to Building, Engineering, Fire departments and to any entity interested in building codes and related topics. NAFFA will also consult and advise national governments and local authorities regarding establishment of building codes and associated functions such as training and on-going support services.

    Social media consultants and advisors to the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Assist in education, implementation and effective use of social media platforms for the AEC industry and small businesses. Tedx speakers on social media, cultural, global affairs and AEC-related topics.

NAFFA's web sites, known as the "World of Building Codes", an umbrella site for services offered by NAFFA, has raced to the forefront in becoming the leading international building codes information and resource portal to designers, builders, homeowners and code enforcement officials from 100+ countries worldwide.

NAFFA's core mission is to deliver the best possible solutions in the Plan Check and Building Code Consulting fields. We gathered the talent, experience and tools to do just that.

NAFFA offers exceptional qualifications and experience backed by relentless pursuit to deliver evolving and personal services that exceed client's highest expectations. NAFFA delivers fast, thorough and responsive services and uses latest technology solutions to ensure that code-compliant projects are reviewed expeditiously.

The code consulting business has been good to us, and in turn, we are making a difference by living our passion and giving back to an industry that has been rewarding. We offer FREE building code and related online tools, quality building code discussion forums, databases and online plan check, design and field inspection resources -- all of which are available through our web sites and online offerings. Numerous jurisdictions, colleagues and competitors in California and nationwide periodically use and depend on our online offerings. Do let us know how we are doing.

We are very proud and grateful to be recipients of exceptionally positive feedback and satisfaction results from our clients and applicants along with regional and national write-ups about the unique services we offer to a national audience. Best of all, along our adventurous venues, we have built friendships that are enduring and very dear to us.

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