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Check your project status with NAFFA at any time. Our nationwide applicants and clients are able to check the status of their projects securely and 24/7. Our system allows access to registered email and IP addresses. Why be in the dark on who is working on your project, what plan review comments are involved, when it was done and if it was already approved? After all- it is YOUR project.

NOTE! This database was designed for applicants and clients that have more than one project with NAFFA. If you have only one project and would like to check on the status, kindly email [email protected] , plan check status or call (559) 448-9839 (please include project pertinent information).

Important! IMPORTANT ! Please register with Quickbase first, using your email, and choose a "USER NAME" and a "PASSWORD". That will be how the system will recognize you.

  • After your register with Quickbase, you will contact us via email, and we will give you permissions so that you can view your record(s) based on your registered screen name.

  • To register- click on this link: (Please register first, get a screen name with Quickbase, then get back into NAFFA International Tracking System at, )

  • If you need assistance, please email us: [email protected] or leave a message with our support hot line at 559.272.2110

  • If you are a client or applicant and would like to access the database, please send us an email. In the subject line indicate, " PC Tracking Database" and note your name, permit number of your project and location (City or County).

Clients and their staff will be granted access (by using registered emails) to view their records at any time. Please email us with your request.

Once your email is registered on our system, you will be able to access the records that you have permission to view.

Note! All visitors email, domain and IP addresses are tracked once you access our database.

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