Acknowledgments, Credits, References & Declarations:

1. 1998 Edition of the California Building & Plumbing Codes.

2. ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings & Facilities, Federal Register, Vol. 56, No. 144, Rules & Regulations.

3. ADA Sections: Statements that start with "Note" and are in italics are from Appendix "A" of ADA Accessibility GuideLines for Buildings & Facilities. They are of advisory nature and provide additional information that would help the reader understand the minimum requirements of the guidelines or to design buildings or facilities for greater accessibility.

* Rules and regulations are amended periodically.  Always check with the latest published regulations (both federal and state) to assure compliance with the latest laws.

* This program is a tool to facilitate easy and quick access to code text and pictorial representations related to building and facilities access by the physically disabled. It does NOT include all the laws and regulations. Users are urged to research each specific case and application independently.

* Copyrights of references quoted are property of their respective owners.

* Views/Interpretations contained are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position, opinion or agreement of the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), its membership or staff.

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